Thursday, January 27, 2011

9 Weeks *pics added*

How Far Along: 9 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think I've gained about 2 lbs or so... that's what the doc's scale said when I went in for my appointment last week.

How big is baby: The size of a green olive (What to Expect's measurment) or a grape (Baby Center).

Stretch Marks: No way!

Maternity Clothes: I bought my first pair of maternity pants! Haven't worn them yet, I need to get them hemmed first, but I can't wait! None of my regular pants will button anymore.

Sleep: It's been pretty good, actually. I've been falling asleep quickly and sleeping HARD. Even when I wake up to pee, I can typically fall right back asleep unless The Hubster is sawing logs.

Gender: No idea yet, but it's fun to hear what everyone else thinks it'll be!

Movement: Nothing that I can feel, but when we had the ultrasound last week we could see baby moving around, kinda jumping a little. Cute!

Food Cravings/Aversions: No aversions so far, and I've finally been able to add beans back into my diet. Which is awesome for me because I had been craving a Taco Bell bean burrito (no red sauce, no onion, add sour cream) for weeks.

Belly Button: Still an innie, and I still have my belly button ring in.

Symptoms: Still the nausea, which has been hitting me like crazy at night. I finally bought some SeaBands and those have helped control the barf fest, most of the time.

What I miss: Feeling rested. I found out I'm mildly anemic so that explains some of the exhaustion (not that it's abnormal in early pregnancy anyway). Also, being able to eat healthy food when I want to. Sometimes it just does NOT sound good.

Looking forward to: Our appointment on February 18th. I'll be 12 weeks, 1 day at that point. I'm hopeful we'll be able to hear the heartbeat at that visit.

My favorite husband quote/moment of the week:  I wouldn't necessarily say that it's my favorite thing he's ever said to me, but it certainly made me laugh, then want to cry. I said "I think I'm starting to show a little" to him, and his response? "Are you sure? You have been eating a lot of crap, lately." Thanks, Hubster, for just thinking I'm fat. :)

Weekly Belly Pics:

ignore the hair... bad hair day

Bloat or baby? Probably just bloat.

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Due Date!

Well, last week brought along with it some surprises...

First things, I got the flu on Thursday. The stomach flu... Which is no fun when coupled with morning sickness.

On that Thursday I also started spotting, kind of a bright pink. So I called the advice nurse for my mid-wife and they were able to get me in that same day within an hour or so of when I called. They weren't alarmed since spotting in early pregnancy (and, realistically, throughout pregnancy) is pretty common, but they wanted to see me anyway to be on the safe side, as well as to put my mind at ease.

I get to the appointment and they do a little exam and then pull out the portable ultrasound machine, which makes me happy to have another chance to see our little babe again. They find the baby and a heartbeat, *cue the collective sigh of relief* and measure baby again.

"You're 8 weeks along, right?"

"Uh... I'm actually supposed to be just over 9 weeks along, from what they said last week when baby was measuring 8 weeks 2 days..."

"Hmm... let's try again!"

So she takes several measurements and they're all coming up at roughly 8 weeks each and every time, which isn't super concerning, but is somewhat considering baby should have grown. Apparently all babies measure about the same size in the first trimester so to be sure their measurements and dating were correct they sent me over to a bigger office to get a more in depth, detailed ultrasound. Which I didn't mind one bit :)

So we head across the river to a Portland office and get in right away to this AMAZING ultrasound tech who instantly put us at ease. We got some awesome pics of the babe (which I'll post as soon as I can get them scanned), and we got to see the brain, umbilical cord, hands, and strong heartbeat (153 and 160 bpm), and even saw baby moving around a bit :)

Turns out, the first ultrasound measurement was off and I'm actually 8 weeks along (8 weeks and 4 days today), and I'm due September 1st, 2011. I'll resume the weekly surveys this Thursday, once I hit 9 weeks officially.

Here's to a healthy babe!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

8 weeks

How Far Along: 8 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still no change!

How big is baby: Our little babe is half of an inch long and the size of a kidney bean :)

Stretch Marks: No thanks! Still too soon for those.

Maternity Clothes: Still in my regular clothes, but definitely needing to buy a beband. I can't button most of my pants anymore! Also, all of my bras are TIGHT. Coming from someone who was barely an A-cup, that's exciting!

Sleep: It could actually be better at night, but naps feel great! I've been having REALLY vivid dreams that feel incredibly real, so they usually end up waking me up. Also, the hubby is getting over a cold so if I get up to go pee, I can't get back to sleep because of his snoring.

Gender: Too early to tell, but we can't wait to find out!

Movement: Too early for this, too. Can't wait, though!

Food Cravings/Aversions: The only thing that has been sounding good or making me feel better is fatty, nasty food. French fries, burgers, chicken strips... I can't wait for healthy food to be appealing!

Belly Button: Still an innie, and I still have my belly button ring in.

Symptoms: Mild nausea turned into gagging and puking today, for the first time. Well, the gagging has been going on for a while. Brushing my teeth? *heave* Taking my prenatals? *heave* Any pills on my tongue make me wanna hurl, and I've never had a problem with swallowing pills.

What I miss: Not feeling like crap pretty much all day long, but I do have some good moments. I also miss the energy I used to have, but I'm told that comes back in the 2nd Tri, so here's to hoping!

Looking forward to: Seeing the heartbeat of our little babe this Thursday!

My favorite husband quote/moment of the week: Well, it's not really a quote, but one day I was complaining to him about how horrible I was feeling, saying that it was this alien that was taking over my body... His response? "Ha, yeah, 'cause it's my spawn!" He thinks he's so funny...

Weekly Belly Pics:

8 weeks

8 weeks bare belly, and LOTS of bloat!

7 weeks

How Far Along: 7 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm the same, haven't made a change in either direction, which I'm okay with so far :)

How big is baby: Our little babe is the size of a blueberry!

Stretch Marks: No thanks! Too soon for stretchies.

Maternity Clothes: Nope, still in my regular clothes, but some pants are getting tight in the belly area. Thank you, bloat.

Sleep: Sometimes good, sometimes bad. I'm still getting up 2 or 3 times to pee, but I think that's because I'm drinking too much water too close to bed time.

Gender: Too early to tell, but we can't wait to find out!

Movement: Too early for this, too.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Haven't had any cravings at all.  Although, happy to announce that I'm no longer made sick by diet coke! At times it's the only thing that will calm my tummy.

Belly Button: Still an innie, and I still have my belly button ring in.

Symptoms: Hello, morning sickness! It has finally hit me and it's beyond mild nausea. It all started on January 3rd, my birthday (happy birthday to me!). Still haven't actually puked *fingers crossed* but feeling like I'm going to ALL.DAY.LONG sucks.

What I miss: Being hungry. My appetite has completely gone away and I'm having to force myself to eat regularly.

Looking forward to: Our 8 week appointment on January 13th!

My favorite husband quote/moment of the week: The Hubster has been so awesome! There have been several moments that make me fall in love with him all over again. Mostly, I love it when he rubs my belly and talks about the baby. Also, I thought it was funny when he called the baby his "spawn" after I referred to it as the alien taking over my body.

Weekly Belly Pics:

7 weeks

7 weeks bare belly


On the Tuesday before Christmas, I simply wasn't feeling "right". Not sick, but not entirely myself.

I decided to test myself, to see if I could identify what was going on. It took a couple more days, and a couple lab tests, to be certain...

Horrible cell phone pic, but there are lines on all three!

Our little home will soon be overflowing with more love than we'll know what to do with, but we are beyond excited at this change in our lives.

Over the moon, really.

We're going to be parents!

Holy crap.