Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Moving In!

What happens when you mix one petite wifey, one hulky hubster, one small pooch, and one rather large dogmeister who sheds enough for all the dogs in our zipcode, and stick them all in one house that is only 616 square feet?

Typically, not much. But occasionally madness will ensue, or dog hair will take over, or dishes might not get done. But usually... well, usually we're pretty capable of manuvering through our little home. This little blog is where I plan on capturing the many events, learning opportunities, stressers, tears, laughs, and milestones that take place in our little house on I Street. But first, some introductions...

Our little family... aren't we cute?
Hubster's name is Kjell, but I'll probably never refer to him by his name on here. I rarely call him by his name, it's usually "Babe" or "Baby" or some sickeningly sweet version of the two. We've been married for 2 years (wedding anniversary is August 30th), and have been together for almost 4 years. The story of how we met is a complicated one, but I promise I'll get it up here soon. We got engaged on our one year anniversary, St. Patrick's Day, and I can honestly say I have found the man who makes me so incredibly happy to just BE. He's silly, loving, sensitive, tough, manly, strong, and I'm so lucky that he loves me.
I'm Amelia, and probably the only contributor to this blog. I turned 30 this year, and so far so great! 30 is nothing to stress over, right? Right. I don't really have any nicknames, and people call me by my full first name. When I was born, my parents had planned on naming me Amelia but calling me Amy for short, which was immediately vetoed when they saw me. I guess I was more of an "Amelia" than an "Amy". Either way, I love my name and would feel weird to have it shortened somehow. What else... oh! Speaking of... I'm short. Like, really short. Recently I went to the Dr. to discover that I'm a whole inch shorter than I thought I was, way to burst a short girl's bubble! So I stand all of 4'10.5" tall, but I can still hold my own. I'm scrappy like that. I also dance, but not the kind where it's in a dark club where people are throwing money at you... I dance with an all girl hip hop crew in Portland, OR called Push Jones. We're pretty much the bee's knees.

How hot are we?!

Chubbs is our big pooch, our 80 lb. german shepherd and husky, and the one who sheds enough to make sweaters for all the children in a moderately sized village. With fur left over. He's the old man of the house at 12 years old, and definitely is his daddy's dog. The Hubster has had him since he was a tiny pup, so it's amazing to see some similar personality traits in Chubbs that Hubs has, too. He's such a good dog, though. So well mannered, listens REALLY well to his daddy, and listens well with me when Hubs isn't around. He's loving, mouthy, opinionated, lazy, crazy, and puppy-like all in one. My favorite Chubbs moments are when he greets me at the door with a smile... Yes, he really smiles!

Chloe is our baby girl, our Dorkie (yorkie and daschund). She doesn't shed at all, thank goodness! She's all of 8lbs soaking wet, but will make you smile without a doubt. She's our little snuggle bug and whines and grunts and moans when we have to put her down. At times she acts and sounds like a cat, and one of her favorite places to be is on the back of our couch or under the covers of our bed. She's so funny, too! She's acts so human like at times, it's both funny and scary. Although our two pups are as different as can be, I wouldn't trade them for the world. They're our fur babies and we love them unconditionally.

Well, that's us in a nutshell! In the next post I'll take you around the house and give you the grand tour... Don't blink or you'll miss it!