Tuesday, December 28, 2010

6 weeks

So, it seems that our little babe will be here around August 23rd, 2011. A summer baby, just like I'd hoped for!

After asking my mom a bajillion questions, (and friends/anyone else who has pushed something out of their hoo-ha) and getting a bunch of "Hmm... I can't remember!" responses, I decided I wanted to blog my journey through this pregnancy. I want to be able to read these posts a year from now and remember where I was, where we were, in our lives. I want to remember the nausea, the sore boobs, the bloated tummy...

I want to capture it all in this little time capsule of mine and when the time comes to open it again I want to feel like I'm right back in this moment... Full of love, hope, and amazement at the little life we created, the soul I'll give birth to.

In addition to random blogs about the typical pregnancy stuff (I have no idea what typical is yet, just go with me), I'm going to do weekly a pregnancy survey at the beginning of each week to re-cap how I've been feeling and how my body is changing, and I'm going to bite the bullet and include belly pics, too.

Here we go!

How Far Along: 6 weeks!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm the same, haven't made a change in either direction, which I'm okay with so far :)

How big is baby: The size of a lentil :)

Stretch Marks: No thanks! Too soon for stretchies.

Maternity Clothes: Nope, still in my regular clothes.

Sleep: Meh, not too bad. Getting up a couple times a night to pee, and I've been really restless. It's hard for me to stay asleep lately, even though I'm exhausted.

Gender: Too early to tell, but we can't wait to find out!

Movement: Too early for this, too.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Haven't had any cravings at all. I gave up Diet Coke the day I found out I was pregnant,  but I tried to ease some nausea with one on Sunday because that always worked before, and it SO did not work. Made me wanna hurl. Guess Baby Nesbit doesn't take after mama in being a Diet Coke addict.

Belly Button: Still an innie, and I still have my belly button ring in.

Symptoms: Slight nausea, sore boobs, and bloating.

What I miss: Diet coke.

Looking forward to: Our 8 week appointment on January 13th!

Best Moment this week: Finding out we were actually having a baby! Because I'm so anal I called my doctor and had her order a blood test so we would know for sure. When we found out, I was at The Hubster's work. No one else was there, and we had been waiting on pins and needles to find out. I talked with the advice nurse who told me it was positive, my hcg level was a 92 :) Once I got off the phone, I told him "We're having a baby!" What followed was one of the most joyous, emotional, and loving moments I've had with him. It makes me tear up to think about it...

My favorite husband quote/moment of the week: It has to be when I told him!
On Black Friday I went shopping late in the day and managed to pick up a few things for stocking stuffers. On a whim, I grabbed a copy of "Knocked Up" for $1.99, because I thought it would be a funny way to tell The Hubster. Little did I know, I was probably knocked up at the time!
So fast forward to last Wednesday, I got my 2nd and more intense positive test and decided it wasn't a fluke. I grabbed the DVD and the pregnancy test and walked out to the living room where he was watching tv. I said, "I have a Christmas present that I really can't wait to give to you". I sat down on his lap and showed him what I was hiding. Instantly he said "Really?! You're really pregnant?!" with tears in his eyes.
As quickly as that happened he said "Hold on!" and took off to our bedroom. He comes back out with a pack of pacifiers in his hand, which he had planned on putting in my stocking to say we should have a baby.
Looks like I beat him to the punch :)

This still feels so surreal, I can't believe we're going to be parents!

Weekly Belly Pics:

6 weeks

6 weeks bare belly!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Christmas is probably one of my most favorite holidays.

I love the food of this season. Oh god do I love the food. I'm a firm believer that many a heart can be mended, and many a tear dried, with the help of divine treats shared at this time of year. They are created with so much love, deliciously warming and like a hug from your favorite friend, that turning them down would be doing oneself a great disservice. The simple act of scarfing nibbling the treats is therapy enough in my book.

I also love the energy this time of year brings. There is something both energizing and comforting in the hustle and bustle that happens the closer you get to Christmas. Parking lots become obnoxious, lines snake around stores where no one knows where it ends, kids line up to see Santa... Everyone is in a hurry, it seems, but the energy they give off fuels me, too.

Most of all, I love the decorations.

This year I couldn't help myself. I had our tree up the weekend before thanksgiving. No embarrassment or apologies for it, I LOVE how my house looks with a tree all twinkly and the rest of the lights dim. So, why am I just now blogging about it, the week of Christmas? Aside from life being insanely busy and chaotic right now, that's just how I roll.

Anyhoodles, here we go!

When you first come into our home, you'll see our wreath on our front door. Since we have a mudroom outside of our front door, our wreath is protected from the wind and rain the northwest is notorious for this time of year. Which is a good thing, this poor gal is pretty cheap... I made her myself by stuffing some sparkly stuff in and clipping on a flower. DIY on the fly!

Then we have our stockings. I really wish we had a mantle in our home. I don't even care about having a fire place (although, that would be nice too), I just really really want a mantle to decorate year round. Instead, our stockings are hung around a window. They were on a window ledge, but Chubbs kept knocking them down with his Tail of Mass Destruction. Still, I love them.

But my most favorite Christmas decoration is, obviously, my tree! This year we went with a turquoise and red theme, with some white and silver thrown in to balance it out a bit. I really love this color combination and am glad I went with it!

Here are some closer pictures of the details on our tree. I can't wait to add more ornaments as our life together grows.

Chloe's homemade ornament

Chubbs' homemade ornament

I loved this reindeer ornament the minute I saw it. And it was only $1!

I bought the Empire State Building ornament when I was living in NYC. Every time I see it, I smile.

I love the texture our tree has this year. The glitter and white berries make me feel all glowy.

I thought the key was too cute to pass up! Also, only $1.

And our topper... I've never been one for the froofy-ness of angels, but I love me a good star...

Well, there you have it. Now, to wrap all the presents! I have done all my shopping but zero wrapping, plus I have some homemade gifts I'm working on (ahem... haven't started yet), so I need to get my tush in gear.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

There Ain't Nothing Sweet About 'Em

This winter, so far, hasn't been too bad in the Pacific Northwest. We even got a little bit of snow in November! But up until now it has all been par for the course.

Unless you live in our tiny little home on I Street... We've been having a heck of a time dealing with a small problem, and it's gradually turning out to be a bigger problem. The culprit? These guys:

F*cking Sugar Ants
These little buggers have been popping up everywhere. No matter how many times we've wiped everything down with vinegar AND bleach, they still return. And not just a couple here and there either, they're showing up in full army gear, marching their way across my kitchen and grossing us all the eff out. So now whenever I'm cooking or baking something I get all neurotic about things and wash and rinse each item I'm using, just to be sure none of the ants have left their grubby little foot prints that could get into our food. Gross, right?

But now it's crossed a new line. These little f*ckers have invaded my dreams. Yes, you read that right. I spent the majority of the night last night tossing and turning, with visions of sugar ants marching all over us in our sleep. Every little tickle or itch that needed scratched was instantly amplified and I was certain I'd wake up to discover it was no longer a dream, but a freaking reality. I was seriously losing it, guys, and I got ZERO sleep because of it.

So now? I declare war. WAR, I tell you! I refuse to lose anymore sleep over these tiny, gross bugs. They may have me cornered based on the sheer number of troops they have, but I will outsmart them and win this battle, mark my words.

Any suggestions on how I could send them packing and waving their little white flag of surrender? Send them my way if you do, I'm desperate!