Friday, October 15, 2010

Couch Hunting!

We've been in our home now for over a year, and in that time we have been using the same second-hand, we-got-it-for-free, it's-seen-better-days "couch" that was gifted to us. We are extremely thankful that we had it, it definitely served it's purpose, but we will not be sad to see it go. Here it is:

It's actually a love seat, and not even long enough for me to stretch out on.
It's leather, which is helpful in that dog hair is easily wiped off, but not so fun in the fact that it is extremely hard to get comfy on this sofa. Sitting on leather, in the middle of the summer, with bare legs... gross. Sitting on freezing cold leather in the dead of winter... unbearable.

And so we begin the quest for the couch of our dreams.

We decided that whatever we get is going to be our main piece of living room furniture for a long time, so we might as well spend a little more and invest in something that will hold up and last us for a while. That pretty much eliminated Ikea, but we're not completely ruling them out yet because some of their stuff is nice, and you really can't beat their prices (we have to spend wisely on this purchase, so we'll be bargain hunting).

What we are looking for is a sectional, preferably with a chaise lounge. It can't be more than 7' long on either side because of how small our living room is, it MUST have arms (what's with all these armless couches out there?), and the back pillows need to be detachable so it can double as sleeping space if/when we have house guests. We wouldn't be opposed to a hide-a-bed, and we would love it if the cover(s) came off for ease of washing. Lastly, it must be grey. And not just any grey, but the perfect shade of grey.

We decided to go with grey because it is such a neutral color that will pretty much go with any other color, so we'll have a lot of versatility. Currently our living room is painted an icy, light aqua blue on two walls, and a deep chocolate brown on the other two. Down with the brown! Those chocolatey walls will soon be covered up with a granite hued satin paint, and the main colors of the room will be aqua, grey, and white. Yummers! Here's what we're liking:

Loving this charcoal hued beauty.

Hello, gorgeous.

LOVE this!
So, as you can see, we're in the process of updating our living room and I can't wait to find the perfect couch and show you our hard work!

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